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TantraSoft Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. specializes in electronic data management system.

Multiple instruments/equipment with electronic (RS232)/electrical (4-20mA, 0-4V etc.) output* can be connected to a single computer via LAN/Wi-Fi for electronic data transfer.
Our electronic data management system can accept inputs from equipment such as weighing scales, vernier caliper, temperature/humidity sensors, hardness testers, barcode scanners, dissolution apparatus, friabilators, DT etc.

Our success stories with the top pharmaceutical companies indicate that our solutions are well accepted for quality assurance in pharmaceutical industry. Add to this the fact that our system is equally adaptable to Life Science and Non-Life Science industries. This sets the tone for successful adaption of our systems in Non-Life Science industries as well.

*More options available on request.


  • Electronic Data Transfer - Eliminates human errors, maintains authenticity and consistency of records/reports.
  • Format for the reports can be customized as per the user requirement.
  • Plant/Process Safety - Electronic data management system generates audio-visual alerts when the measured process values are outside the pre-set tolerance limits. Thus, the operator can take timely corrective action.
  • Concern of Data Integrity in Pharmaceutical industry is addressed via features of Data Security, multi-level user authorization, system time-out, audit trails, print tracking.
  • Supports 21 CFR part 11 compliance.
  • Permanent data storage.
  • We provide extensive documentation and validation.

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