Solutions for Electronic Data Management System

Automated Dispensing System

Automated dispensing system (or Multipoint dispensing system) is specifically developed for Formulation/API/Chemical Industries for error free dispensing.

Dispensing is a process of issuing raw materials to the production as per the recipe of the product. The recipe can be created locally in the system or can be imported from the existing ERP/SAP.

The multiple weighing balances kept in dispensing booth are connected to the electronic data management system.The material is selected (manually or through bar code scanner), weighed and dispensed. The weight values are transferred electronically and the dispensing labels are generated. These labels are permanently stored in the system.

Printout of dispensing slip can be taken near booth on LAN Printer.
The collected data is stored in centralized database and MIS report can be generated as per users’ requirement.

The electronic data management system is capable of selecting the respective weighing balance according to the quantity of the material to be dispensed.
To maintain accuracy of the balance, the electronic data management system has the facility to perform weighing balance calibration and validation as and when required.

The system supports 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

System configuration for automated dispensing system

Sample Reports

Dispensing Label

Sample of dispensing label generated by automated dispensing system

MIS Report

Sample of MIS report generated by automated dispensing system

Packing Material Label

Sample of packing material label generated by automated dispensing system

Raw Material Issue Label

Sample of raw material issued label generated by automated dispensing system

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